Booking Terms & Conditions


Service Description

Athos Travel, s.r.o. acts as intermediary between clients and service suppliers (hotel, apartment owner, driver, guide etc.) in order to allow clients to search and book online accommodation, transfers, sightseeing tours and car rental. 

No booking fees

Please note that our service is completely free of charge and we will not add to your accommodation/ transfer/ tour/ car rental cost any additional fee for our service.

Payment & Credit Card Guarantee

When you make a booking, the Athos Travel act as an agent for the service provider and therefore, any contract for the booking is directly between you and the service provider. As the service suppliers require credit card details as a guarantee for your booking, all reservations must be guaranteed by your credit card details.

The payment for the accommodation, transfers, car rental and tours is done after arrival at the hotel, directly to the tour guide, car leasing company or to driver if not stated otherwise however please note that some accommodation providers reserve the right to preauthorize a certain amount from your credit card to guarantee your reservation. In special cases the amount will be authorized by Athos Travel.

If there is for any reason required a pre-payment/deposit (group reservation, long-term stay, pre-payment as a gift etc.) please note that neither we as a negotiating travel agency nor hotel/service supplier is responsible for any bank fees connected with the transaction of the money.

Change of booking/Cancellation

If you decide to cancel/change your reservation, please follow the instructions in your Confirmation of a booking. If you cancel/change your reservation according to the cancellation policy of hotel or transfer/tour/car rental provider, the cancellation/change of a booking will be free of charge.

Failing to do so, might result in having to pay the cancellation fee:

a) accomodation bookings - cost of the first night of your stay in most cases

b) transfer bookings – whole cost of the arranged transfer

c) tour bookings – full cost of the tour

Please note that ATHOS TRAVEL s.r.o. will not charge you any cancellation fee for accommodation service at all – all the fees will be deducted directly by the service provider

When your reservation is cancelled, you will get a cancellation confirmation from us. If you don't hear back from us in 24 hrs, please get in touch with us by some other means (phone, fax), as we probably didn't receive your e-mail.


If you have any problem with the accommodation or other service we have arranged, please inform us immediately (all complaints must be registered during your stay) - this is the only way how we can resolve the situation as soon as possible. Unfortunately, until we know about a problem or complaint, we can not assist. In case of later (after your departure) complaints we do not carry any liability for any problems.

You can contact us on our office phone +420 - 277 004 677, fax +420 - 277 004 678, e-mail: or out of office hours on the emergency number: +420 - 721 859 934.


We promise to make sure that the service we agreed to provide is fullfiled with reasonable skill and care. We will accept responsibility if any failure or mistake in your travel arrangements is caused by our employees / our travel consultants. However, as the information listed on our website fully depend on information provided by the service suppliers, we will not take responsibility for any incorrect information listed on our website, damage, loss, injury or any other claim when the fault is clearly caused by the service suppliers. Unless stated otherwise, the copyright of the material on this website is copyright of ATHOS TRAVEL.  

Group booking / Long term stays

Please note that the above conditions are valid for individual travellers only and different booking conditions apply to all group bookings / long term stays.