Frequently Asked Questions

Accommodation - Searching

Q: How do I search for a suitable hotel or apartment for my stay?

You have two possibilities:
  1. If you wish to search only by the dates of your travel, please use the quick search on our home page. Click on advanced search if you wish search for accommodation also according to other criteria such as price, type, standard or location
  2. You can also select a suitable accommodation on the map located on our home page - all hotels are listed there together with all the main attractions. This is quite helpful if you do not know the destination much but wish to stay close to a certain attraction.

Q: How do I find hotels that are available for the period I am coming?

A: You can use the Quick search or More advanced search on our home page and tick  the box Show only available. All the availabilities will be listed.

Q: Do you provide your service also in other destinations?

A: Yes, we offer travel service in all major destinations in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North America and South America. You can recognize all our booking servers quite easily - all of them are always named in the same format, for example, , etc.


Accommodation - Type of rooms / Facilities / Services

Q: How do I get to know which facilities / services each hotel offers?

A: Please, have a look at the small blue icons placed on each hotel site under the section Services.

Q: Is it possible to order an extra bed/baby cot and how much will it be?

A: You can find out if any hotel offers an extra bed/baby cots, how many extra beds /baby cots can be placed to a room and what is the price of extra bed/baby cots in the Payment and Cancellation conditions section on the hotel site. However, we recommend to book a room that can accommodate your party rather than rely on extra beds. If you are unable to find a suitable room for your party and wish to order an extra bed, please make a remark in the Special requests & notes section of the order form. Each hotel will do their best to arrange an extra bed for you however this can not be quaranteed. We recommend to double check the room arrangements directly with the hotel upon receiveing the Accommodation confirmation – you you will find the hotels´contact details there. Extra bed will not be included in the total price of your Accommodation confirmation, the hotel will add it to the total price upon your arrival.


Accommodation - Pricing

Q: Do you charge any fees for your services?

A: No, Athos Travel doesn't charge any fees for its services. Our service is completely free of charge and we will not add to your accommodation any additional fee for our service.

Q: Are the rates on your web site per person or per room?

A: The price is always per room, the only exception are dorm beds in hostels. If you need an extra bed, the price per extra bed will not be included in the total price.

Q: Are fees and taxes included in prices?

A: Please refer to the Payment and Cancellation conditions of each hotel.


Booking process

Q: How do I book accommodation?

A: Booking is possible only by completing an order form on our web site. Please, select the dates of your travel, number or persons and type of rooms on each hotel site first and our system will show you the total price. If you agree with the total price and wish to proceed with your booking, just click on the blue icon BOOK NOW to fill in the order form. Once you finish the order form and click on the PROCEED, your reservation is confirmed.

Q: How do I know that my reservation is confirmed?

A: After completing and sending us your order form, you will get an automatic receipt e-mail containing your order number. Within 30 minutes, you will receive Accommodation confirmation. The Accommodation confirmation serves you as a voucher so please do not forget to print it out and take it with you as it contains all the vital details (address of your hotel, contact phone numbers and other instructions). In case that you requested in your order form any special requests - ie. extra bed, non smoking room, parking etc, please always double check with the hotel directly that they noted your request and are able to arrange it for you.

Q: Can I book your services by telephone, e-mail or fax?

A: Unfortunately not. If you wish to make a booking, please fill in the order form on our website.

Q: I made a reservation but did not receive any confirmation. What should I do?

A: Before finalizing your reservation please double check your e-mail address because a mistake in the e-mail address is the most common reason why our clients do not receive their confirmations. In some cases, our e-mails can also end up in the "spam folder" so please check it as well. In any case, please try to contact us by e-mail as we will be very happy to assist you and solve the problem as soon as possible.

Q: How many rooms can I book at once?

A: You can book as many rooms as are available for the selected period. However should your reservation exceed 10 rooms of the same type, please contact us on our e-mail as your reservation will be treated as a group booking and different booking conditons might apply.


Payment / Credit card guarantee

Q: Why do you require my credit card details for bookings?

A: Our company, Athos Travel, acts as an intermediary between our clients and hotels.Your credit card details are required by hotels as a guarantee for your reservation in case of late cancellation or "no-show". The hotels have a right to preauthorize your credit card so please make sure that your credit card is valid and you have enough money on it.

Q: Is it secure to send my credit card details?

A: Yes, it is absolutely secure as we are using encrypted SSL protocol in all our order forms. This is the latest, most secure technology that encrypts all the details provided in the order form including your credit card details.

Q: What types of credit card can I use to guarantee for my booking?

A: Please refer to the section Cancellation and Payment conditions on each hotel site. All the types of credit cards listed under this section can be also used to guarantee for your booking.

Q: Do you require any deposit or payment in advance?

A: Generally no deposit or payment in advance is requested for individual travellers for short term stays. However, there are a few exceptions – please refer to the section Payment and Cancellation conditions on each hotel site for more details.

Please also note that some accommodation providers reserve the right to preauthorize a certain amount (mostly the cost of the first night) from your credit card to guarantee your reservation.

Q: How do I pay for our accommodation?

A: The payment for the accommodation is done after arrival at the hotel.

Q: Can I use a different credit card for guarantee and for the payment?

A: Generally a different credit card or payment by cash should be accepted by the hotel.

Q: Can I make a reservation without a credit card?

A: Unfortunately not – all the hotels require the credit card details as a guarantee for the booking.

Q: Can I pre-pay the service (convenience, present etc.)?

A: This depends on each hotel. Once you complete your reservation, please contact the hotel on the contact details received in the Accommodation confirmation.

Q: Do you offer special discounts e. g. for travel consultants or airline employees?

A: No, we do not. According to our great co-cooperation with our business partners we provide the best available rates so the discounts are already included.


Change of a booking / Cancellation

Q: How do I cancel my booking?

A: Please click on the link provided in the Accommodation confirmation and cancel your reservation.

Q: How do I know that my reservation is cancelled?

A: When your reservation is cancelled, you will get a cancellation confirmation from us. If you don't hear back from us in 30 minutes, please get in touch with us by some other means (e-mail).

Q: What cancellation conditions do you have? When at latest can I change the booking without being charged any fee?

A: Each hotel  has its own cancellation/change of a booking policy, please see the section Payment/Cancellation Conditions on each hotel site. The cancellation policy will be also written on your Accommodation confirmation. We will not charge you any cancellation accommodation service at all - all the fees will be deducted directly by the service provider.


Q: My credit card has been charged by the hotel though I changed/cancelled my reservation in time. How can I get a refund?

A: Please, contact the hotel directly - all the cancellation fees are debited directly by hotels and only they can refund you any amount.

Q: Do the payment and cancellation conditions for group reservations or long-term stays differ?

A: Yes, they do, however you will be informed about all the conditions of your booking before you commit to make a fixed booking.