Affiliate Program

Why become a partner of Athos Travel?

  • Make Money - Earn up to 40 % of our commission, which is 20 % (in average), so you get up to 8 % on each booking.
  • Local knowledge - Direct relationship with more than 350 hotels in Prague and other cities in Czech republic and therefore we can offer the best possible service and prices. .
  • Personal care - We are not the robots only, each resevation is handled carefully by our travel consultants. That is the reason why we can satisfied more requests and reservations than other systems. 
  • Guest reviews - Thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Visitor tracking - We keep the tracking for one month. If your visitor returns directly to Athos websites within 30 days of visiting our website through your link, you get the commission.
  • Technical assistance and support
  • 24/7 online access to your account and statistics  


Q: Why should I join Athos Travel affiliate partner program?

A: We are one of the market leaders for online bookings in Czech republic (Prague) and have the best available rates for our customers.

Q: What are the costs and benefits for affiliate partners?

A: There is no charge to join our affiliate program. Our program is based on commission sharing. Please have a look at the commission structure:

Number of stayed bookings/month             Partner fee as a % of our commission                                                          
0 - 30                                                                 25 %
31 - 80                                                               30 %
81 - 150                                                             35 %
151 - more                                                        40 %

Example: Average reservation price - 300 EUR
Athos commission - 15-25 % (20 % in average)

If there is 25 reservations/month done through your website, then your average earning would be: 25 x 300 x 0,2 x 0,25 = 375 EUR in one month.

And if there is more than 150 reservations/month (5 per day) done through your website, then your average earning would be much bigger: 151 x 300 x 0,2 x 0,4 = 3624 EUR in one month.

Q: Who can join the Athos Travel affiliate partner program?

A: Any website owner who is interested to offer the great choice of hotels in Czech republic, can join our program. The website does not necessarily need to be a travel website. Also if you are a travel agent or offer reservation services through a call center, you can become a Athos Travel partner.

Q: How can I integrate Athos Travel reservation system in my website?

A: We offer several integration possibilities. We advise you to look in our examples page. Integrations can usually be completed quickly and easily although that can depend on the type of integration you have chosen. We deliver you a customized URL to add to the site, you do not need any specific technical know-how to be able to work with us.

Q: Where should I put the link on my website?

A: Visitors are more likely to buy when they can easily find what they are looking for. We recommend affiliate partners place the link in several locations on the website, e.g. after finishing the transaction for another service and not only on the more obvious places such as your homepage, the travel related parts or the navigation bar.

Q: How can I monitor my traffic, bookings and commissions?

A: Affiliate partners can monitor the individual bookings real time. They can access their account online and monitor the overall statistics regarding traffic, bookings and commissions on a 24/7 basis.

Q: How does Athos Travel track partners reservations?

A: To track partners reservations we use your unique ID number in your link. This number is included also in the reservations made by the visitors on your website, so all reservations with the same ID number will be associated with the same partner.

Q: Who can I contact for help or more details?

A: Please contact us at



1.Straight HTML link
The easiest way to implement Athos Travel website is to use a straight HTML link.

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It is the same system like HTML link. The only difference is in using the banner with HTML link to our websites.

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